About The Tajweed

The Tajweed is FREE website aimed to provide online access to the rules of Tajweed covering all areas with explanation, definitions and examples of each rule of Tajweed to read the Holy Quran with Tajweed.

The Qur’an, incorporating Tajweed as one of its Noble Sciences, is a sign and manifestation of Allah’s love for humanity; it not only guides us through it’s teachings but also revives our desperate souls with its recitation. It’s the epitome of all good and all peace. In order to grasp the true meaning and splendor of the word “Qur’an”, it’s important to know it’s meaning linguistically as well technically.

With the aim of, Read The Holy Quran with Tajweed  we are mainly focusing on the following literature for the reader and reciter of the Quran and for those who are really want to improve the the understanding of rules of Tajweed. We hope it will be a great source of learning how to read the Holy Quran with Tajweed.

We will divide the material into two parts as Sifatul Huroof ( Characteristics of the letters ) and Marifatul Wuqoof (Proper pausing and stopping)